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Dive into MOHR life resort in Lermoos
03 Mar
10 Mar

Dive right in!

The private diving area of MOHR life resort

Our hotel’s own diving area, Lake Blindsee, is one of the most beautiful diving spots in Tyrol and the rest of the Alps. Covering an area of around 22 hectares, the lake is slightly more than a kilometre long and reaches 25 metres at its deepest point.

Discover the mysterious underwater world of this precious mountain lake at 1,093 metres above sea level, set in a forested mountain landscape with a stunning mountain panorama. Underwater, you’ll experience a different, more peaceful side of life that’s just waiting to be discovered.

Dive into MOHR life resort in Lermoos

Experience the wonder of diving

Down where few of the sun’s rays penetrate the depths, colours – and life – change in this mystical water world. The waters of Lake Blindsee are tempting on sunny days, especially as the mountain lake is fed by pure spring water. Mystical turquoise-green, ice-blue, and deep azure alternate, creating a beautiful play of colours. For you, that means: You have the chance to enjoy an amazing diving experience.

Dive into MOHR life resort in Lermoos

Mountain lake diving courses

Dive right into your mountain lake adventure and experience the wonders of nature, unique fauna and flora, and the steep rockfaces of the peaks that reach into the sky.
You can find information about courses at the reception of MOHR life resort or from the company “Tauchen in Tirol”.

Dieter Kuchling
Telefon: +43 512 393484 oder +43 664 1818739

Please contact Mr Kuchling directly with any questions or to sign up for diving courses. Places are limited, so please make sure you register in good time.

Important information about diving in Lake Blindsee

You can get the required diving permits at a rate of €20.00 per person per day (incl. vehicle access to Lake Blindsee) from “il Ducatisti” café (directly opposite MOHR life resort) or the hotel reception.

Did you know that you can enjoy diving in Lake Blindsee in winter, too? You can find out all about ice diving here.