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A bike hotel in Lermoos that gives you MOHR
14 Jun
21 Jun
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Hop on your bike

You won’t find MOHR MTB fun anywhere else!

So that you can set off happy and come back even more so, MOHR life resort offers you the “Bike Adventures” bike station. Located directly next to the hotel entrance, the bike station is the place where kindred spirits, curious newbies, and pros – basically anyone who’s got cycling on the brain – come together.

You can perfectly prepare your bike for your next tour and swap the best tips for exciting trails.

A bike hotel in Lermoos that gives you MOHR

Out and about with Bernhard

Bernhard is a passionate biker and takes you out on a guided tour to his favourite spots around Lermoos once a week. If you’d like to join the bike lover and expert, feel the wind in your hair, and enjoy the freedom of being on two wheels, keep an eye out for Bernhard on the MOHR sport and activity programme.

Life is like riding a bike:
To keep your balance, you have to keep moving.

Albert Einstein
A bike hotel in Lermoos that gives you MOHR

Fancy a cool (e-)bike?

Would you like to give a fantastic bike a try while on holiday? We’ll be happy to help! The rental station at MOHR life resort is well stocked. And if you want to test a particular bike, we’ll be happy to organise everything you need. If you’re bringing your bike from home, you’ll have the use of special bike boxes to keep it safe and secure.