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Fishing fun in Lermoos
09 Jul
16 Jul

Fishing holiday in Tyrol – it doesn’t get better than this.

Fishing at MOHR life resort

MOHR life resort offers its very own fishing grounds, intensive moments in harmony with nature, and a special lifestyle. What was for many years seen as a bland hobby for older generations is no longer considered boring. Quite the opposite, in fact – it’s now rather hip: fishing. More and more people, including younger generations, are falling in love with this sport. It’s seen as a form of meditation, an alternative to yoga, and the perfect way to escape the hectic pace of everyday life.

In Austria’s Lermoos, at the foot of Mt Zugspitze at 1,000 metres above sea level, there’s one thing that’s especially fantastic: fly fishing!

Fishing fun in Lermoos

Fishing’s supreme discipline

And there’s a good reason it’s called that. With this type of fishing, you don’t wait passively on the bank until a fish bites. Rather, the anglers try to mimic the movements of the natural food sources of the fish with the lure, a featherlight imitation of an insect. They skilfully swing their rod until the line with the lure – the “fly” – lands near the fish and it bites. It’s a beautiful, almost artistic movement.

Fishing fun in Lermoos

A fishing ground exclusively for MOHR guests

Guests of MOHR life resort can enjoy this special experience from May to October. The hotel owns exclusive private waters, which have been in the family for years. Fishing is permitted in the two beautifully clear mountain lakes Lake Mittersee and Lake Blindsee, as well as the fly-fishing ground on Loisach river, from its source to the border with Germany. Fast-flowing and calm sections, weirs, stream pools, and bends, as well as forested and open stretches all alternate. It’s a paradise for passionate fly fishers at the heart of the stunning Alpine scenery.

The waters have been carefully managed for years. Yearling brown trout and rainbow trout are initially kept in a tributary of Loisach river and then released into the main river after two years when they are ready for the current and the mountain world. The fish are therefore classed as being wild, as this behaviour mirrors that of wild trout. The river is also home to char and grayling. The resort has a catch-and-release guideline, where fish are caught with a barbless hook and then released back into the water. This is different to “traditional” fishing, as it avoids injuring the fish. Fly fishers can enjoy the feeling of oneness of nature, the fresh, oxygen-rich air, and the murmuring peace of the river, which is one of the most beautiful in Austria.

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Good to know:

Fishing in our waters is expressly reserved for guests of the hotel MOHR life resort. This ensures that undisturbed moments and peace amidst the nature of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena are guaranteed. The equipment and qualified fly-fishing guides are available upon request. We will also be happy to provide you with just the equipment.

Equipment for 1 person

1x rod, 1x reel with wound line and wading boots (no wading clothing)

  • €20.00 per person/day with guiding
  • €35.00 per person/day without guiding

Our fishing permit rates

1 day €35,00
2 days €65,00
3 days €95,00
6 days €175,00
12 days €290,00

Fishing guiding

Beginner = basic course: 2 hours of dry training/theory, 4 hours of practical, excl. fishing permit

Advanced: 4 hours of practical, excl. fishing permit

Rates upon request