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A look back at the history of MOHR life resort
20 Apr
27 Apr
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Over 200 years of hotel history

A long journey – from guest house to wellness oasis

You can only develop a concept that’s fit for the future if you know and value the past. The tradition and rich history of the hotel has always inspired and driven the Künstner-Mantl family to offer top-class hospitality to guests from all over the world – and continues to do so today. The Mohren museum in the manor house with the 250-year-old Nepomuk chapel provide insight into the eventful history of MOHR life resort. Relics from the hotel’s history, an over 600-year-old archive with rare antiques and artefacts, make the manor house a very special treasure trove.

A look back at the history of MOHR life resort

A look back

The house’s history as a guest house in Lermoos began in 1803. The Jäger family established the guest house, which was then known by the name “Drei Mohren”, referring to the Three Wise Men from the Orient, and ran it for many years. The two portraits on the second floor of the manor house feature Johann Georg Jäger and his wife Martina. The visits of Bavarian King Ludwig II also took place during their lifetime, who often spent the night at the “Drei Mohren” guest house while journeying to Fernsteinsee Castle and always stayed in room 106.

Speaking of King Ludwig II: The construction of the royal castles engulfed enormous sums, the treasury was empty, and so three lakes were put up for auction along with other properties of the king. Johann Georg Jäger purchased Lake Blindsee, Lake Weissensee and Lake Finstersee, and Lake Mittersee including the fishing rights, which have belonged to the estate since that time. The fishing and water rights in all running water courses of the municipalities of Ehrwald, Lermoos, and Biberwier also belong to the hotel.

After her husband passed away, Martina Jäger continued to run the business with her daughters and developed the guest house further. As the three Jäger daughters died without children, the entire estate was put up for sale under the condition it was purchased as a whole.

A look back at the history of MOHR life resort

In 1959, a Swiss merchant named Dieter Künstner bought the entire estate and started work to convert the business into a modern hotel in 1960. The international clientele of fishing enthusiasts and divers turned the hotel into a flourishing business. It was known far and wide for its first-class venison and fish dishes.

A look back at the history of MOHR life resort

In 1998, Dieter’s eldest daughter Tina took over the hotel business including agriculture. With her husband, Klaus Mantl, she established a riding arena for training and breeding Western show horses of the breed Jac Point Quarters. As a passionate event rider in the supreme discipline “reining”, Tina Künstner-Mantl is well-known on the European Western riding scene thanks to her exemplary results. That same year, the pair renovated the hotel – and MOHR life resort was born.

A look back at the history of MOHR life resort

In December 2006, the newly renovated and extended MOHR life resort opened its doors. The motto of the new hotel became “Contrasting elements – feeling intensively alive”, which can be seen throughout the architecture and philosophy of the hotel with extended spa and beauty area. In 2010, the hotel was awarded 4-star superior status.

A look back at the history of MOHR life resort

But the hoteliers saw that as no reason to rest on their laurels – quite the opposite, in fact! With a focus on evolution, the beginning of the 2020s saw the creation of an extraordinary adults-only spa and a unique gym, which challenges and delights guests in equal measure. In 2023, the Andalus Spa opened its doors: an unusual, mystically elegant haven with Moroccan flair, in short: typically MOHR.