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Meditation workshops & meditation tip for at home

Meditation workshops & meditation tip for at home


The practice of meditation has many benefits for the body and mind, but people often struggle to incorporate it into their daily lives on a regular basis. There are many factors that can make it difficult, such as a hectic lifestyle, a busy mind, or simply the difficulty in creating a calm and peaceful atmosphere:

  1. Restless Mind: The meditator's mind can be restless, resulting in thoughts and emotions not calming down and constantly rushing to the fore
  2. Physical discomfort: An uncomfortable sitting position or physical discomfort such as pain or tension can make meditation difficult
  3. Boredom: For some people, sitting still and observing the breath or the body can seem boring
  4. Falling asleep: Some people have trouble falling asleep while meditating, especially when they are tired or exhausted
  5. Distractions: Distractions from noise, thoughts, or outside influences can make meditating difficult
  6. Expectations: Sometimes people have too high expectations of meditating, which can lead to disappointment or frustration
  7. Lack of time: Many people feel limited in their everyday life to meditate regularly

Maybe you've tried to meditate before, but failed at one or more of the points I've listed for you here. I can absolutely understand that, because although I have been meditating myself for over eight years, there are times when one of the points listed applies to me. 
But don't be discouraged! In my meditation workshops you will learn how to overcome these challenges and build a successful meditation practice. I'll show you how to create a meditative atmosphere for yourself, how to calm your thoughts and how to focus your attention more and more on the present moment.
My workshops are suitable for everyone: from beginners to regular meditators. Not only will you learn how to meditate successfully, you will also experience the benefits of regular practice. You will be less stressed, more relaxed and more focused, so my meditation practices can have an overall positive impact on your life.
what are you waiting for? Register now for one of my meditation workshops and start your journey to more serenity and inner peace.
Meditative Greetings
Kim Fleckenstein

Our workshop dates at MOHR:

Meditation workshop for beginners in nature - September 2023
bookable from Sunday, 17.09. - Wednesday, 09/20/2023

Meditation workshop for beginners part 2
bookable from 26.11.-29.11.2023

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