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Your favourite? MOHR life resort – the hotel in Lermoos
13 Jul
20 Jul
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MOHR life resort – your hotel in Lermoos

In a secluded spot at the foot of Mt Zugspitze

Embark on an indulgent journey at MOHR life resort, your feel-good hotel in Lermoos. Here at the heart of the Tyrolean Alps, where nations and people come together, you’ll discover a retreat that’s in a class of its own. It’s a unique refuge at the foot of Mt Zugspitze: so close to the mountain and with views that stretch far into the distance.

Magical moments
Outstanding experiences
Heartfelt hospitality
Responsible attitude towards nature and people

Your favourite? MOHR life resort – the hotel in Lermoos

Your life, your place: MOHR

As a life resort, we put a new spin on travelling and holidays together with our guests. We search for balance, for a counterweight to everyday life, for harmony. When you stay at our hotel in Lermoos in Tyrol, you find your centre in nature, the mountains, and right here at our wellness hotel near Mt Zugspitze, MOHR life resort. You feel full of life and at peace, excited and relaxed, passionate and light-hearted.

A hotel is like a book whose pages are filled with the unique stories of its guests and employees. We’re excited to see what your MOHR life resort stories look like. And look forward to being a part of your holiday moments.

The world is a book.

St. Augustine
Your favourite? MOHR life resort – the hotel in Lermoos

Active relaxation in Tyrol:

your hotel in Lermoos

One of the most wonderful things on holiday is finally finding time for everything that has to take a back seat in everyday life. A holiday at MOHR life resort, your active hotel in Lermoos (Austria), is as individual as you are. And gives you plenty of time and space to try the things you always wanted to try. MOHR life resort is multifaceted: It’s a golf hotel in Tyrol, sport hotel in Lermoos, wellness oasis, culinary treasure trove, and energy hotspot, all under one roof.

It’s as varied as life itself.

It’s your MOHR life resort.

Travel fever: The feeling that fades away during your stay at MOHR life resort. And reappears as soon as you leave in the form of “I want to go back to MOHR”.

Your favourite? MOHR life resort – the hotel in Lermoos

Not more, but MOHR nature

What better place for mind, body, and soul to unwind than in nature? Your hotel in Lermoos is a place of retreat and discovery: a place that gives you exactly what you’re looking for. The stunning natural landscape around your favourite hotel in Lermoos provides the stage for your holiday while also playing one of the starring roles. The mountains, lakes, and countryside around our MOHR life resort hold so much in store for you. Are you ready for your holiday adventure?

A look back to the past

A hotel isn’t just a static structure, but a concept that changes, grows, and evolves over the years. You can discover how the story of MOHR life resort has developed over the last 200 years in the MOHR museum.